A garage conversion is becoming a common project as it allows the homeowner to gain increased habitable space and often without the requirement of major works. In addition, a garage conversion can be constructed with a small budget which gives homeowners even more of a reason to undertake the works.

There are two application types that a garage conversion can be completed under, these are Lawful Development Certificates (Permitted Development) or Householder Planning Permission. Permitted Development is a set of guidelines that if abided by, the proposal will be deemed lawful. This application will take 8 weeks before the local authority make a decision and will cost £86. Permitted Development is the application that most garage conversions will fall under. If the conversion does not fall under Permitted Development then the project will have to go apply for Householder Planning Permission. The fee for this application is £172 and it will take 8 weeks before the local authority make a final decision.

All garage conversion projects, regardless of the application will require Building Control. This mandatory service is the inspection of building works and ensures that the build complied with current (UK) Building Regulations. This service can be completed privately or with the local authority.

When applying for these applications, there are a list of other additional works that may need to be carried out.

Engineers Drawings

It may be necessary to calculate the structural elements for Building Control’s Approval. Once the extent of this part of the works is quantified, we can provide a quotation from our in-house engineer or you can appoint your own.