Winter is the perfect time to look ahead and start thinking about what trends are emerging in the home space. While some things are just classic, other elements have a more distinctive design edge to them. At A9 Architecture Ltd, we're always on the look out for the next big thing making waves within interior design. If you're looking to spice up your home, you might consider these latest trends...

1. A taste of honey

Dulux has just announced its Colour of the Year: Spiced Honey – a caramel tone that has drawn mixed responses. To come up with its must-have colour, the paint brand assembles a team of designers and trend forecasters to assess the global mood – which they do two years in advance – and for 2019 they have decided that we all need comfort and optimism; hence the golden hue of Spiced Honey.



2. Bold Colours

We’ve also noticed a lot of bright bold jewel tones popping up. Think colours inspired by travels to India and Morocco – super saturated and rich like in this small bathroom. A feast for the eyes! The only tricky part is that since these colors are so strong, they are not the easiest to incorporate into a design.



3. Modern & Bold Shapes

Modern furniture isn’t a new thing, but we think shapes are moving up a notch on the boldness scale this year. Curvilinear shapes influenced by Italian modernism and retro futurism are already starting to appear. We love Swoon Editions for affordable pieces that have stand out with beautiful shapes.



Not sure which planning route is right for your home? We offer free consultations to all homeowners, so you can know what’s up before you begin.



4. Botanicals

Big leafy plants and cute little succulents are on the rise, and we don’t see them going out of style any time soon. It’s amazing how much a pop of green can completely transform to a room. Large, leafy plants can add life to a dull corner and make an empty space feel complete.

There are also health benefits by incorporating greenery into your home. They improve breathing, purify the air, decrease anxiety and sharpen focus to name just a few!



5. Antique mirrors

While these look beautiful in a traditional setting, we’ve noticed a lot popping up juxtaposed with more modern pieces and settings for an eclectic look.


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