Oh La La feature wall mural

Oh La La feature wall mural


When it comes to your home, who doesn’t want a little WOW factor? And if you’re looking for a bold way to transform either your living room, bedroom, or dining room, nothing beats a classic feature wall.

Take a look at our inspirational feature wall ideas to help add a dramatic focal point to living rooms, bedrooms and more.


A| Exposed brick wall

Before we dive into some of the bolder designs, let’s check in with a true classic, and nothing is more timeless than an exposed brick wall.

Not only does exposed brick help add an rustic texture to your space, their enduring appeal means they’re a safe bet for luring in home buyers in the future.

The below example uses Londons stock bricks - bricks taken from London’s unique housing stock. It's a lovely touch for this home, as it helps to retain the charm of the original building's Victorian origins. If you opt for your own exposed wall, we recommend finding bricks that bring character to your home, rather than uniform materials.


B| Adorn a feature wall with wood panelling

Embrace soothing properties of natural materials. Whether you choose to clad your walls with real timber, or opt for a more affordable trompe l’oeil wallpaper, this panelled effect is a great way to boost a flat wall.

The silvered tones of the wood create a soothing, cabin-like style, while the book stacks bring a personalised touch to the otherwise streamlined rough-luxe decor.


C| Be bold in a bathroom with tiling

Wallpaper isn’t the only route to a stand-out statement wall, as this bathroom proves. Be daring with your tiling options and create an energising bathing area – these angled tiles are designed to create a zig-zag pattern (vertically or horizontally, it’s your choice). Whether you opt for single tone or mix them up for a jazzy Deco-style finish like this, it’s a novel (in a good way) approach to wall tiles that easily outdoes the bathroom border tile.


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D| Set the scene with a supersized mural

Let an artistic feature wall create a room with a view. If block colour is too plain for you, and patterned wallpaper too fussy, why not go BIG with a supersized wallpaper mural on one wall of your living area? This tree-lined vista creates a modern yet rustic woodland vibe for a restful guest bedroom.


E| Elevate the finish of pink plaster

We’re not quite sure why people always cover over plasterwork, when pink plaster can be such a lovely starting point for a living room decorating scheme.

This rich, almost-terracotta tone conjures up thoughts of the warmth of far-flung destinations and, combined with the rich velvet and woven textures in this living area, makes for an original and tactile option for walls in the home.


E| Hang a rug as a quirky feature wall

Rugs aren’t just for floors. Hang yours to a wall to bring pattern, texture and cosiness to a room. To do so, you’ll need a wooden batten the width of the rug, and velcro strips.

Attach one side of the strip to the rug, the other to the batten, then attach the batten to the wall using a drill and screws. Attach the rug and it’s job done.


Inspired by these feature wall ideas? Then pick your wall and get creative. Let us know how you get on in!

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