Professional fees

Our services are charged at an hourly rate. The hourly rate will reflect the level of qualification, experience and expertise of the team member responsible for the project. Our senior staff are assisted by a Planning Support Team that perform standard technical and administrative tasks through out the Design, Planning and Construction process, also charged at an hourly rate

Disbursements–Incurred expenses

Direct costs in relation to your project will be charged where applicable. Ordnance Survey Data is almost always required and other disbursements normally but not exclusively, are incurred in relation to client requests. i.e. printing.



Estimates are generated from our client’s requirements in terms of expertise and assessment of the expected time to undertake the project. We endeavour to be accurate with estimates.The exact time required to undertake each task involved in completing your project varies as each client has different requirements that are quantified at key points during the project. i.e.when a planning application is being submitted. If you have any concerns that your project will not fall within the estimate, please contact us for information on the current position. All prices are subject to V.A.T. at the present rate.